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A Brief History Of Yangon Golf Club

At the turn of the Century, after full British occupation of Myanmar (Burma) in 1885, the City of Yangon (Rangoon) was already an important flourishing trade center internationally teeming with big and small British commercial establishments like Bombay Burma Co., Burma Oil Co., Steel Brothers, Rowe & Co., Irrawaddy Floatilla etc. Senior staff of those trade organizations, officers of British Regiments, ranking British administrators and merchants decided to bring golf to Yangon as their popular pastime sport, the game of golf. So the present Yangon Golf Club at Danyingon with Mr.G.Ballance as its first captain was established in the year 1909 maintaining two golf courses; one (18) hole course at the present site in Danyingon 12 miles north of the city and the other (9) hole course on 2nd mile Pyay (Prome) Road now replaced by the People's Park. The (9) hole 2nd mile Yangon Golf Club was constituted much earlier at a general meeting by enthusiasts in 1893 and by the year 1904 had a neat small, timber club house and the playing area interrupted by football and hockey fields. The Captain of the Club in 1904 was Lt. Col. G. B Crawley.

Yangon Golf Club, then, was an almost exclusively monopolistic pastime place for the European Community until after the end of World War II and Myanmar Independence in 1948. In 1954, the last British Captain of the Club, Mr. I. G. Clarke, the General Manager of William Jack, Hardware Co., gave way to U Cho, Director of Publie Instruction, who became the first Burmese Captain.

The Club is registered as a non-profit company, meaning that no part of the assets of the club shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus, or profit to the members of the club. If, upon the winding up of the club, the net assets may be given to charity. Membership of the shall not be sold or transferred unlike elsewhere in the world where some golf clubs are commercial enterprises and membership treated like a share in the stock market.

Gradual Changes:-

The Course:

In the beginning, 6,300 yards, par 71, (18) hole Yangon Golf Club course was carved-out from about (200) acres of lease land near Danyingon Village. There were mango forest on the higher ground and paddy fields in the lower land. About 1963, the (71) par course came a 7260 yards par (72) course by changing 17th hole from par (4) to a (533) yards par (5), by shifting (100) yards further up. Other major changes were (a) the 2nd hole was altered from a straight short par (4) to (385) yards dog-leg par (4); (b) the 5 hole par (5) was made into par (4); (c) 6th hole par (4) green was shifted further up about 100 yards and was made into par (5).

The course in Myanmar faces effects of two diverse weather problems. Too mach water during 6th months of monsoon and no water in the rest of the year, During the monsoon, almost all the fairways are deluged with water and in some fairways so quagmires that the holes had to be closed down because of over grown ankle high grass and weeds. To remedy this soggy condition, fish bone pattern drains had to be dig up almost in every hole. Sand and ashes toppings were also tried with reasonable success.

Due to continues upgrading of the course now members can play all year through and fairway softness problems are negligible.

Usually from October up to the end of December, the fair way are reasonably green from residual monsoon effects and cold season mist and dew. But when summer comes, the lush green fairways change to brown colour and the ground turns very hard. To regain green fairways, plenty of water and means to watering them had to be found. The first attempt recorded to collect the needed water started in 1961. When a mini bulldozer was used to dig up a pond at a place just before reaching the creek across the 12th hole and the other on the right side of the 16th green. In addition, ground concrete water tanks at the 9th and 18th holes were constructed to water the near by holes. During 1965-66 watering system for all the holes was accomplished by having adequate water supply from a larger newly constructed reservoir at the 12th hole and two reservoirs at the 17th hole.

Starting year 2000, more water was required for the upkeep of the course. New water reservoirs were constructed and many of the previous reservoirs water extended. These jobs were done near hole number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 13 14, 15, 16 and 17.

In the remote past, the whole course looked rather barren. Looking out wards form the Club House, one could see the distant parts of the course with no vegetation intervening. Attempts were made for the greening of the course by planting tees through out the course by successive committees up to now. By the year 2000 all greens were replaced with Japonica grass to match international standard.

Club-house :

The original one story timber bungalow was gutted by fire in 1933. The rebuilt second one was again destroyed by fire during World War II in 1943. The Third was only a bamboo basha, built soon after the end or World War II near the present 16th tee. It was used for a few years until a brick club house at the present site was completed. The club house now is a complex group of structures developed through the successive years.

In year 2000 a new reception building was added again.

Yangon Golf Club is popularly known as "The premier Golf Club of Myanmar" in recognition of its historical background , and all around excellence. This honor is earned because of the contribution of selfless devoted services for its development, both in kind and energy, by members of the council and club members through successive years since its founding. This compelling spirit or fellowship, understanding, and co-operation among the members should be passed on to the next generation.

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